For any given drug, Certerra's process generates a map of whole-brain drug-evoked activation (or inhibition) in the animal model i.e., a whole-brain map “Pharmacomap™”.


Certerra offers pharmacomapping as a CRO to a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical companies developing treatments for neurodevelopmental, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Why Pharmacomapping?

Our central hypothesis is that the effects a drug has are largely determined by which neurons it activates. Thus, we assert that CNS clinical trial unpredictability is in large part due to the lack of methods for mapping these relationships. We have bridged this gap by developing an automated Pharmacomap platform that allows us to visualize and then quantify drug-evoked brain activation at single-neuron resolution.

Our Services Include:

Pharmacomapping Level I

Drug-evoked brainwide c-fos mapping in naive mice, acute or chronic protocols.

Pharmacomapping Level II

Computational comparisons to a proprietary Clinical Pharmacomap Library of FDA-approved drugs.

Pharmacomapping Level III

Brainwide c-fos mapping in conjunction with disease-relevant mouse behaviors.

Alzheimer’s mouse models

Brainwide mapping of beta amyloid or other AD pathology.

Pharmacomapping in Alzheimer’s mouse models

Brainwide c-fos mapping in conjunction with beta amyloid mapping.

Custom assays

Possibility to develop custom assays with a broad range of IHC-compatible antibodies.